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How much money will I make per sale?

You will be asked kindly to purchase a bulk SMS with a whole sale price and sell it in details.

How much does it cost becoming an IntoSMS.com Reseller?

Absolutely nothing. There is no cost to you to become an IntoSMS.com Reseller.

How are sales tracked?

Sales are tracked using cookies that expire after 60days. A cookie is a tiny text file that tracks which reseller sent the customer and what type of link they used. It does NOT record email addresses or any other personal information.

Do I have to have a website or qualify to be a reseller?

No not at all. Resellers can use IntoSMS.com website to make sales

How does a reseller program work?

Just sign in as reseller for IntoSMS.com than purchase one of our low price packages and start selling immediately

What are the resellers’ privileges?

Resellers can create accounts for client by which they can send SMS to their own client or even advertise their product using IntoSMS.com detailed database. IntoSMS.com resellers can have the privilege of controlling, billing, activate or deactivate his client’s account in other terms a resellers can online have full control over his client’s transaction.