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Why SMS?

Global Bulk SMS (Short Messaging Service) or mobile text messaging service has become a valuable and cost-effective service tool for marketers and particularly promoters to advertise events, promote brands, send customer or employee reminders, or to alert target audiences of special events or offers. SMS provides an easy and quick method of dispatching large-scale marketing campaigns at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing campaigns.

Why SMS marketing?

Research shows that SMS is the most effective medium of advertising having greater penetration and cost effectiveness than any other modern medium of marketing utilized today, including radio and television. SMS is 50% more successful at building brand awareness than TV and 130% more successful than radio, even at much lower frequency levels.* Studies have shown that an SMS will always be read by the recipient since it arrives directly into the recipient's hand-held mobile device where she/he may then choose to keep and re-read later, forward, delete or even reply-to the message. The strength of the recipient's relationship with her mobile phone is unique, making SMS marketing the most direct and personal method of marketing available today. Unlike being given a hand out, event flyer or brochure at which she/he may take a brief glance and then toss, SMS can be saved and referred back to at a later time.

What does the future hold for SMS and SMS marketing?

The growth of SMS has been astonishing since the very first time an SMS was dispatched. SMS use by marketers is expected to grow to 56% by the end of 2006. The future holds more with prevailing technologies such as MMS (Multimedia Messaging System).

Why IntoSMS.com?

IntoSMS.com was founded and developed after long work and extensive research about the SMS industry. Our main focus was finding ways to overcome network infrastructure issues and mobile SMS termination problems which were occurring with most large volume service providers we were working with over a 3-year span. Now IntoSMS.com is proud to announce that it is the only SMS service provider to incorporate multiple SMS gateways and optional on-demand & alternative routing regardless of where the problem arises.

Benefits of IntoSMS.com

- True global coverage or assured MT (Mobile Termination) coverage
- Competitive rates for various country destinations (preview rates)
- Your own personal or multiple customized Alphanumeric Sender Identifications
  appearing on recipients handset
- Send SMS either to a group audience or to a single address book contact
- Schedule SMS to be dispatched at a predefined date & time set by you
- Organize and manage contacts in the address book by individual or group
- Detailed Account section to view your transactions of SMS credits utilized and purchased
- PDA accessibility--log on to IntoSMS.com and send SMS from any wireless
  hand-held device with internet connectivity..
- If you are active and consider yourself a potentially evolving large client and wish to talk to
  us about volume discounts or partnering with us, please feel free to email us and allow
  us to put together a plan for your company.
- Hosting your own SMS web-based application service can also be discussed with us