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IntoSMS.com is owed and powered by BISON Solutions who is a provider of wireless and new technology solutions.
Conceived in early 2003, BISON Solutions, mission is to progress with technology and introduce realistic solutions which utilize wireless technology. We strongly believe that the wireless internet and the collaboration between office and mobile communication is coming together with such a pace that the industry cannot keep up with itself. We are going through a phase where the excitement of the wireless era could potentially revolutionize everyone’s day to day lives in how we work, live and play.
BISON Solutions is at the forefront of this expansion, providing working solutions for both businesses and end users to facilitate the Wireless Internet and mobile technologies which are springing up around us. As our current flagship products, our SMS and WAP solutions are being used in many ways to drive new business models and provide corporate solutions.

Our role is to provide realistic solutions around today’s technology and to make it future proof and utilize new technology as it arrives.
Most of our solutions are developed in-house, or with third party system integration. Because of this, our knowledge of the technologies enables BISON Solutions to quickly and professionally provide results to both business and end users.
With the Internet already established as a valuable technology, and with the introduction of new mobile technologies such as, the power of the Internet is set to become wireless, taking the communication medium with us wherever we go, both day and night.

BISON Solutions already has a set of developed solutions and is perfectly placed to move in to the new technology as it matures. BISON Solutions’ developed applications empower companies to utilize these technologies to best enhance their business, and what’s more, we are able to offer a full bespoke service to customize and produce products dedicated to your requirements.
Outsourcing the development work and service provision allows organizations to focus on their core business activities, while maintaining easy access to the latest and greatest technologies, products and services.